Upcoming Course: NLP Intensive – Valuing Our Relationship with Time.

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Thursday, January 31

12 Classes – Thursday Evenings
5pm PT | 6pm MT | 7pm CT | 8pm ET

1 Hr. Weekly OnGoing Tele-Conference Training
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Core Aligned Neuro-Linguistic Program with Coaching through our relationship to time.

Flourish and grow in your business and personal life by applying principles, processes and practices that truly make a phenomenal difference from the core.

During these 12 weeks, participants will be Refining and defining Intentions, Responding and developing Intuition, Recognizing and determining Influences.

Gather the developed and advanced NLP skills to add success, ease and fulfillment to all areas of your business and your life.

This course is good for coaches, entrepreneurs, teachers, parents and individuals who are ready to move from resistance to acceptance, who are ready to love the life that they live, who know that they have more to offer, give and receive from this time they are spending here in this moment and tomorrow.

With instructional classes, supplemental materials, individual coaching and ongoing mentoring, this in-depth course has been internationally recognized as a program above others out there.

This course is different because it really will make the difference for you that will last through the test of time.

Trained coaches say, “This program took me from wanting to be a coach to having a thriving coaching practice.”

Parents share, “This program made it possible for me to really start hearing and seeing myself as a loving parent and my children as the miracles they were born to be.”

Entrepreneurs inspire others, “This took my business to the next level by refreshing me at the core.”

Teachers encourage, “I know that I am here to see what more is possible for each individual I have the honor to see.”

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Email: corealignment@gmail.com

Phone: (503) 939-9675

Time is something we all have a relationship with that makes a difference. This course has to do with our relationship with time.

Take a look at this article about the value of our relationship with time, to get a feel for all that this course has to offer.

Warren Buffett Taught Bill Gates a Priceless Lesson About Time Management–Here’s What CEOs Can Learn From It

Upcoming Course: Neuro Linguistic Coach Training

Learn global listening skills that make it possible to hear at a phenomenally deep level.

Starts: Thursday April 12 at 5pm PST | 8pm EST

12 Week Course – Thursday Evenings

Core Alignment NLP Coaching Processes and Tools that create awareness with acceptance to align clients so they easily awaken to responding more resourcefully.

This course is recommended for entrepreneurs, teachers, health professionals, parents, coaches, sales associates, web designers and anyone who wants to know how to support people in getting more of what it is from the life that truly matters to them.

These transformational conversations will take you and your clients through 10 steps that easily lead to success. Creating clarity, setting intentions, gaining assistance, removing resistance, stepping into purpose, recognizing core values and stating what is truly important at the core level leads to achieving more of what is really wanted.

This 12 week course creates neuron paths that reprogram people to live a life that is in alignment with their core purpose, and thus an attitude of gratitude naturally evolves in their lives within their careers and relationships. Using scripts that have been carefully constructed in applying the principals of Neuro Linguistic Programming, makes this course applicable for beginning and advanced coaches who are ready to assist clients to step into more of what they want, and show up more masterfully in their lives.


Here are some comments from past graduates:

“This program totally transformed my business. I was a practicing Certified Life Coach and was unable to build my business. During this 10 weeks I became a Certified NLP Coach and with this professionalism I went from 2 clients to 8 well paying clients. I now know what to do to get what I want and how to ask for it.”
“After just one session I knew that I wanted to be a Core Alignment Specialist, this style is so different, so complex yet so simple at the same time.”
“A natural attitude of gratitude comes easily when you know how to ask for what you really want because you usually get it, I know I do now and my clients share how now they do too.”

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Email: kate@corealignmentcoaching.com
Phone: (503) 939-9675

*Once contacted you will receive more information on signing up for this course.

Live Better Seminar January 21 – St. Louis

Live Better Seminar January 21

Summer Intensive – Module 3

wildflowersParticipate and practice training in 5 Steps to Manifesting Miracles every day the neuro linguistic practitioner’s way. Go beyond the basic coaching conversation and witness what is possible when the conscious, subconscious and unconscious are in agreement and alignment with one another. Gather the tools, the scripts, the resources and the experience to move you and others to a more advanced, emotionally wise place. Train with people from all walks of life and from all around the world. Listen to a free 15 minute sampler of Manifesting Miracles now: Click here to listen

Please click here to inquire about the classes or scholarships that are available now.

The ten week course runs Wednesday July 31 6:30pm through September 25 at 6:30pm Pacific Time; or Friday August 2 – September 27 at 8:00am Pacific Time.